Problems and Harmful Risks Linked to Robotic Surgery

The number of patients who have undergone robotic surgery has increased in the past few years in the United States. State-of-the-art da Vinci uses the latest in surgical and robotic technology. Da Vinci is a computer-assisted robotic system that expands a surgeon’s capability to operate within the abdomen in a less invasive way during laparoscopic surgery. Da Vinci system allows greater precision and better visualization compared to standard laparoscopic surgery. As the demand for robotic surgery grows, so does the reports of complications caused by the machine. This article will identify some of the minor and major problems associated with the da Vinci surgical robot machine.
DEATH: There are reports that some of the patients, who have undergone da Vinci robot surgery, died after the procedure. Some of these reports stated that the surgeon-controlled robot accidentally nicked a blood vessel. This has been considered by few surgeons as a hindering factor as the natural feeling of operating is lost.
ORGAN BURNS: Da Vinci surgical rob γενικός χειρούργος  protective covers insulating some of the tools that da Vinci uses, which could possibly allow electricity to leak out and burn patients.
HIGH COST OF THE EQUIPMENT AND PROCEDURE: This advanced machine is said to cost a whooping thousands of dollars. If one wishes to undergo robotic surgery, the hospital may charge the person with a total cost of $8,868, while compared to traditional laparoscopic procedure costing $6,679 and $6,651 for the open surgery.

ACCIDENTAL PERFORATION OF THE ORGAN: A New York man whose colon was allegedly perforated during prostate surgery. Da Vinci’s maker filed that report after seeing a newspaper article about it and said the doctor’s office declined to provide additional information.
Like other types of surgeries, da Vinci robotic system is associated with various risks. Patients should talk to their doctors about their surgical experience and decide if da Vinci is right for them. For more complete information on surgical risks, safety and indications for use, please refer to the page on da Vinci lawsuit at


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